“Is fate negotiable”?

Answer: Yes, fate is negotiable and alterable.

In one word, it is a matter of timing of your actions and efforts !

IT IS ABOUT - When to do and when not to do - the same work, act, or venture – that is about waiting for the  ‘SHUBH MUHURAT’ or the auspicious time to undertake a venture, when planets indicate their support.

( b) These rules alone determine the applicable level of possible improvement in your destiny.  Also read other connected pertinent sub-rules here.



MEDICAL ASTROLOGY: Ancient Philosophers and Physicians like Pluto (5 centuries B.C.) and Hippocrates (460 B.C.) used to treat their patients through the patients’ planetary dispositions in their birth charts.    

CARL GUSTAV JUNG, the distinguished modern Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Physician: 1875-1961, deployed Eastern Astrology and Vedic Para-psychology –

to successfully treat his 5000 recurring cases of mental patients afterwards, by going through their respective birth charts and analyzing their past- life carried forward imprints and astrologically treated their planetary dispositions through  spiritual Psychiatry and counseling of his patients.



Modern science and its tools of perception are limited to the purview of our human and terrestrial senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch -not beyond. 

Behold the enthusiasts of science !  It is the para-sciences and not the modern science that could detect the mystery of your own being, on this planet.  

The term ‘metaphysics’ was coined by scientists to console themselves and to define their own limit of operation.

The para-sciences always begin to work where the physical sciences finish. 



The latest modern advance quantum physics has since conceded to the prime motor of the divine energy that impels all atoms, protons, and neutrons in the sub-atomic world; also it is the conscious divine order that is responsible to decide on whether the further 200 sub divisions of the atoms have to stay or perish in moments- all this only to corroborate and comply with the age-old hypothesis of Vedic rule of continuous process of creation and destruction.



Try to hand in some of the twenty books written in the post Einstenian era by several advance living Physicists and read by yourself, in order to shed your delusory ‘phantasm for science’ and start seeing beyond.



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