This is the website of Dr. Ved Prakash - GREATEST ASTROLOGER DESIGNATE -, Ph. D. in Astrological Science (2004) -  specializing in instant Parashari Vedic and K.P. Astrology, - with 35 years research in Predictive Astrology. 

International level Award

This Astrologer was given 'Greatest Astrologer of the World Award’ on 5th June, 2006, in the presence of supervising observers from U.N.O. headquarters, in New Delhi.

It was consequent on his two dozen Astrology presentations and humanity-oriented egalitarian talks-on the same dais, in 7 years: 2000-2007.

It was the platform of International Educational Conferences and symposia under the auspices of a large group of U.N.O. affiliated universities.


The Award

Award was given by the ‘Greatest living Academic-and-Educationist’ Prof. P. R. Trivedi, who is UNO Vice-president for worldwide spread of humanity-based education- and awareness- building program; and is the Plenipotentiary Envoy for South Asia, for three decades.



Prof Trivedi met me as a stranger in 1999. In my written predictions, I ascribed a dozen universities to be founded by him in one future decade then. I astrologically designated him ‘the Greatest ever Educationist’  in the making. All my predictions for him have materialized now.


What is Astrology

Astrology in the oldest piece of man’s knowledge and the first science that ever dawned on humanity.

Astrology is about divination on the rules as laid down by ancient spiritual masters and Rishis, millions of years ago.

Astrology is metaphysics, cosmology, ontology, synastry, science, religion, spirituality, mythology, geomancy, gemology, philosophy, faith, ethics, occultism, esotericism, axiology and Para-psychology, all in one.

Astrology is the mother of Yoga, Ayurveda and several score holistic healing systems.


Astrology is a mathematical tool for analyzing to decipher destiny of a person by the analysis of the position of planets witnessing a particular event or the time of birth.

 “Astrology is not the Sun sign rubbish you read in newspapers and magazines. It is the oldest science in the world that enabled me . . . ”-  Don Murray, renowned astrologer of the West.

Astrology is certainly not what Indian TV channels telecast day and night under sub-heads of 12  Rashis; but do not set a path or induce any body in the audience either to do something confidently or refrain from doing a  particular act or undertaking, thrust upon him that week. So all are left blank as ever.



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