- spiritual Gurus WHO MAY NOT BE CLEAR  about the efficacy, tenability and the right approach to the true Predictive Vedic Astrology –

may ask for my helpful talk and lecture, like I could do 27 on one podium, OF  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES. 

Some Spiritual Gurus seem to underplay or denounce Astrology through their own ignorance.

This Astrologer sympathizes with them and is ready to extend cooperation to them for updating their scriptural knowledge about our ancient Jyotish. 

They are advised to update their own knowledge of this Vidya (knowledge) of great Rishis; and not only go by a few hundred criminals or Thugs of the recent past centuries, whether it was in some parts of our country or in other parts of the world, as of the notorious Vampire Era of Europe or elsewhere.



The Press Media and the TV Channels!

Please explore truth and segregate the truth from the untruth.

TAKE THE AUTHENTIC SCRIPTURAL BASED ANWSERS TO a hundred vexed questions around these spiritual sciences.

You have yet to disseminate the true information to your audiences and readers and  people of the world about such vexed issues as these:-

‘Why Astrology at all’ -

‘What is the use of Astrology’ ?

Is fate negotiable- a talk between fixed destiny and freewill.

How is Astrology a Science.

What is the utility or need of Astrology in these times of rational thought and the over-sounding din of scientific temper and phantasm of science.

My talk will be humble and enlightening, and mostly replete with new information for awareness and to the relief of all.   


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