In the said International seminars and conferences, I was also made to answer  personal questions of about 800 people ( in 27 events), and all this happened in the presence of International dignitaries and some 100 Ambassadors of different countries in 7 years:  2000 -2007.   


-          My lectures in such gatherings are free for groups, organized community meet, seminar, Ashram, Advance Astrology class, Special lecture for a university and for any sponsoring organization, society or N.G.O. for altruistic cause.  

-          In these sponsored events, I may collectively teach a score of very important Thumb rules of predictive Astrology also, for learning by some keen students then and there.



Presentation in universities:

A) Delhi University South Campus: (March 2007)

- Ancient Astrological sciences and their applications on modern business and Economics. Three hours of standing for lecture and question-answer session.  


B) VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (U.P.): (March 2007)

Speaker - three continuous days of Seminar: Addressing final year MBA’s on

‘Ethos of Ethics in Management’ -

 (ii) ‘How to Achieve Excellence through Ethics and Human Values in Management’ 

       - my lectures were amongst veteran national speakers - 

(iii) Answering personal questions of 80 persons in 50 minutes- on third day -

             Payment got : Under rules of University Grants Commission’s ( UGS)  stipend per Deum,.

(iii) Seven continuous days on RBC Radio, New York, USA –

    75 minutes each day- 

Answering momentous questions of the callers and audiences.



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