The individual spirit soul is the subject entity,

 which takes different myriad births and deaths in this world.

The soul is deathless and takes Karmic retribution in different birth forms while inheriting carried forward destiny and also the Sanskars (imprints) of the past life.


Sixty percent is our fixed destiny –

Forty percent is our freewill.

Your deep spiritual inputs in this life would further alter and may reverse your destiny, both in this life and also in the lives hereafter.


IS ASTROLOGY A SCIENCE: Yes.  It’s a divine science– mother of all Sciences, which does not crave the definition of the transient sciences which change their theme every twenty or thirty years.

Is Astrology worth studying and applying !

  Or - what is the utility of Astrology ?  

 Answer:  Other sciences, arts and skill, may or may not help you to earn your livelihood -depending on your destiny, as brought forward in this life.

Astrological guidance and path may enhance one’s fortunes to untold level and may take a person to the Apex of transcendence also - both concurrently.



My talk in conferences mostly revolves around this concept –

It may further proceed to inform on

‘Science vs. Spirituality’

‘Astrology vs. Science’

Vedanta versus Nuclear Physics and Cosmology-



Astrology is for divination and for de-mystifying the universe, the supernaturalism, esotericism, para-normalism, elucidating the divine order.

It may also help your choosing a congenial locale on earth for your optimal living and working satisfaction -by the system of Vedic Astro-Carto-graphy.




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